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Trust Service Provider by ZetesConfidens

ZetesConfidens is the division of Zetes that offers trust services for electronic signing in accordance with the European Union's eIDAS regulation. Its offering covers all e-signature needs, from registration to the signature itself, and including the issuing of certificates, production of smart cards containing certificates, a platform for online signing and sharing of documents, and time stamping services. The eaZy range of solutions from ZetesConfidens (eaZyCert, eaZySign, eaZySeal, eaZyTime and eaZyID) guarantees the easy and practical application of the processes that result in a reliable, legally binding signature.

This is the download section for the CA certificates of the Zetes TSP PKI:


Certificate serial number: 02 54 1A A9 50 D7 CE 1F
Valid from: 20/05/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Valid until: 20/05/2036 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Thumbprint: 37 53 D2 95 FC 6D 8B C3 9B 37 56 50 BF FC 82 1A ED 50 4E 1A
Download: Download as CRT


Certificate serial number: 38 20 EE 9C 74 EC D1 47
Valid from: 20/05/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Valid until: 20/05/2026 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Thumbprint: 16 98 DC 47 F4 F5 FF 95 6C 56 03 24 E1 96 5A A7 ED 38 E2 9D
Download: Download as CRT